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Oncology Research and Methods Training Program

The aims of the Oncology Research and Methods Training Program (ORMTP) are to stimulate interdisciplinary collaborative research and training involving the oncology and biostatistics research communities. These objectives are being met thanks to generous support from the Division of High Impact Clinical Trials at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

The ORMTP supports placement of graduate students in biostatistics and statistics from the University of Waterloo into eight month internships at cancer centers in Ontario engaged in clinical trial research. Through these internships students gain interdisciplinary research experience which supplements their in-depth academic training. One of the goals of the program is to create a cohort of expertly trained biostatisticians with considerable research experience relevant to cancer.

The ORMTP also features the Oncology Research and Methods Center at the University of Waterloo which supports new on ongoing analytical and methodological collaborations between biostatisticians and cancer researchers.

Bridging the oncology and biostatistics communities is critical for the most rapid and rigourous advancement of cancer research and to stimulate the field of methodological research which will have bearing on future research developments in oncology. You are invited to read ORMTP further about our program in the following pages; consider taking part as a mentor or an intern!

Please visit the Biostatistics Training Initiative website for updates!

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